The World of IT is Changing

Underlying IT infrastructure is rapidly shifting to a service model.  Rather than buying expensive hardware that requires constant upgrading and replacement firms can now subscribe to the resources they need with the ability to scale performance up and down as needed.  When configured correctly cloud infrastructure can result in an environment with greater performance and security than most firms can create themselves.  The end result?  Your technology employees can focus on enabling your business instead of managing the plumbing.

Evaluating the Cloud

Cloud strategies vary based on need.  We can help you determine your strategy: how far, how fast?  In addition the economics of the cloud are different. We can help you navigate the options.

Designing Your Cloud Architecture

A cloud approach can provide a strategic advantage but it requires a different approach to traditional infrastructure.  The right design is critical to your agency’s success.

Execution of Your Plan

Moving your backroom infrastructure to the cloud should be invisible to your colleagues.  Thoughtful execution is the key to success.  We coordinate the players to help you succeed.

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