Working with Agency Elements

A Trusted Partner – Your Key to Success

Your service teams are experts at insurance, not process and workflow deisign. At Agency Elements we’re experts at agency operations, business process and technology. But even we can’t do it alone. Our method embeds us into your agency, boosting the core competencies of your internal staff. We create functional teams that blend our expertise to develop processes and technology tailored for your agency’s individual needs.

Short Term or Long Term?

Our engagements range from short-term projects to long-term retainers. Our consultants hold a broad range of skills, certifications and experience – all focused on and derived from commercial insurance distribution. While we can engage in long-term and ongoing projects our goal is to empower your agency and your colleagues to execute, maintain and ultimately own your own systems and technology. When we achieve success our engagement ends. This puts us in a unique position of becoming a true partner to your firm, engaged as needed to provide exactly the skills and execution power you need, only when you need it.

Strategic technology leadership is hard to find.  To perform well in the insurance industry a technology executive must fluently speak four languages.

The Language of Technology:  Deep technical expertise is required to execute any innovative strategy.

The Language of  Insurance:  You have to fully understand the flow of business, the players and their individual needs and motivations.

The Language of Finance: For too long our industry has viewed technology as a necessary cost.  A more mature approach to developing business cases and financial models is the only way to assure success.

The Language of Business:  Adding fundamental value to an organization cannot be accomplished alone.  Developing coalitions and making delas is critical.

Agency Elements unifies these languages to provide your firm with a complete holistic approach to solving technology and business process issues.

We only operate in the insurance brokerage industry.  We bring a current, thoughtful and realistic technology viewpoint to your executive team combined with an ability to execute and deliver results.

Who We Are

Agency Elements is based on the industry work of our Founder, Christopher Gagnon.  With over 20 years experience as a senior technology executive at large insurance brokers Christopher has developed the experience and reputation to deliver solutions that go beyond technology, focusing on the underlying operational business processes.

We operate within the top 200 brokers in the United States and Canada focusing on the flow of business, operational efficiencies and the use of data to create insured-facing insight.

Why Choose Us

Agency Elements has deep expertise helping agencies solve their business process and automation issues:

  • Developing data analytics
  • Solving agency management system issues
  • Modernizing infrastructure
  • Integration of disparate agency systems
  • Implementation and adoption of CRM tools

Broad Expertise

Data Analytics
Agency Management Systems
Technology Infrastructure
Best Practices Business Process
Optimized Workflow
Christopher Gagnon
Christopher Gagnon
President & Founder


Christopher Gagnon has more than 20 years of experience developing and directing technology strategy for large insurance brokers, first entering the industry with Hobbs Group and directing all aspects of the company’s information technology.  In 2004, Gagnon joined with other investors in the formation of Beecher Carlson and served as CIO, focusing his energy on customer-based technology solutions.  In 2008, Gagnon founded Tiebeam Partners, a company focused on providing independent technology consulting for some of the fastest growing agencies in the United States.  Gagnon continues advising independent brokerages through his current company, Agency Elements, LLC.

In addition to his direct agency consulting work, Christopher serves as the Chief Information Officer for the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers providing industry-level expertise and advisory services to the top 200+ independent insurance agencies in the United States.