Our experiences span the entirety of agency operations from corporate support systems, to regulatory compliance to data and security auditing.  The below list is a sampling of the areas where we’ve helpded agencies improve their operations, process and technology.  Need help with something you haven’t seen?  Give us a call.  We’ll point you in the right direction.

If you’re struggling with a system, process or decision, give us a call.

Regulatory Compliance

As an industry regulated in 50 state plus federal we can help you navigate regulatory regimes to assure compliance.
Mergers & Acquisitions We can help you develop a due diligence plan that ensures success.

HR Management Systems

HR management systems require their own level of integration that should fit within your agency’s technical and data architecture.

Accounting Systems

Many agencies choose to implement separate GL systems, financial reporting and other specialized accounting systems. We can help you assure that these system are effectively integrated with your operational technology.

Budgeting and Financial Planning for Agency Technology

Financial planning related to technology is often distilled down to budgeting and purchase requests. We can help you develop predicatable costs by developing strategic financial models for your technology.

Staffing and Resource Consulting

How do you assure that your technology colleagues are the right fit for your firm? How do you provide career development that supports both tier need for technical skills and your need for them to learn the business of insurance? We can help you develop your staff in a way that enables your business.

Production Support

From sales methodologies to producer-focused tools we can help you create the ‘unfair advantage’ that every sale team needs.
Market Assessment and Strategic Planning – We go beyond direct agency engagement, actively working on industry-level initiatives and market research. We can help you develop your market plan to ensure your firm’s success.

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