It’s hard to see the forest when you’re stuck in the trees.

Most agencies look at their overall technology and wonder “Is this as good as it gets?”  It’s hard to self-evaluate.  With direct involvement and engagement across more than 100 independent brokers we have the depth and experience to help you figure out where you are and where you should be going.

An agency technology review starts with your current state, assessing every aspect of your technology, automation systems and data for both effectiveness and process maturity.  The results form the basis of your agency technology strategy.  It’s hard to get anywhere without a map.  The agency technology Review is your map to more effective systems.

Focus Areas
Client Experience
Data Analytics
Transactional Automation

Objective Review

The process begins with a complete review of all systems, hardware and the effectiveness of technology staff.  Our deep technical expertise in IT, agency management and data architecture provides a third-party assessment of your automation approach.

Subjective Analysis

The process doesn’t end with IT.  Our technology review process involves a subjective review that includes interviews with key staff across the agency.  While the objective review reveals what your agency is doing with technology the subjective review reveals how you’re doing.

Effectiveness vs Maturity

We perform both an analysis of effectiveness as well as mapping process maturity.  Process maturity gauges the level of sophistication used to manage a specific area.  Achieving the right mix of process maturity is critical as an agency grows.

The End Result

Every agency technology review results in a custom report that details and documents all current systems, their effectiveness rating and the path that should be followed to continue to mature every technology capability at the firm.  This report serves as the basis for the agency’s ongoing Agency Technology Strategy.

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