Remember When Legacy Meant Something Good?

The business of insurance requires us to track some basic items: policy terms, payments and activities.  These transactions usually happen within agency management systems.  As agencies grow and deal with more complex placements they quickly outgrow the capabilities of a single system.  For this reason most larger agencies have multiple systems that often don’t play well together.  How do you get your P&C system to talk to your benefits system, CRM, carrier portals, client portals, accounting systems and all the other systems your agency needs?  We can help you navigate the madness.

Agency System Optimization

It’s unlikely your agency is using all of the functionality within your agency management system and in most cases we wouldn’t advise it.  But are you using enough, are you using it consistently and correctly?  We can help you find the right blend for your firm.

Agency System Integration

Whether by acquisition or choice most large agencies don’t use a single system to track all of their business.  Without proper integration this means you have employees repeating work.  It’s not just demoralizing, it’s dumb.  Let’s fix this.

Looking for a Change?

While most automation problems are not solved by simply changing systems sometimes a change is justified.  Your employees know how to run an agency but probably don’t have much experience implementing software.  We help you select, plan and implement software and, most importantly, we work for you.

Underwriting Systems

Do you have the pen?  Whether you manage traditionally-backed program business or act as a full managed general underwriter you have specific needs that go beyond what a retail agency system can provide.  Account clearance, rating, quoting and policy issuance systems exist but often require a higher level of integration.  We have experience developing, selecting and integrating underwriting systems for wholesalers of all types.

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